No freedom from religion

I tried so hard to be an atheist.

I imagined there’s no heaven.
And no religion, too.

I failed. Continue reading

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Spiral Dance and Samhain

No sooner had I created this blog than I was bombarded with new thoughts and endless ideas to write about. In paganism we have just entered a new year that started with the festival of Samhain, or Halloween. The old year passed, and the veil between the worlds grew thin, pagans all around the world honored their ancestors and reflected on death, and finally welcomed in the turning of a new year. 

For the first time this year I went to a Samhain ritual, not just one, actually, but two. The first was Reclaiming Spiral Dance which was attended by somewhere between 1000 and 1500 people. 

Well, what do you know. The free version of WordPress apparently doesn’t let me save drafts and the election results are in now, so I can’t focus on the blog and have to publish it unfinished…

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An exploration of narratives

While I lived on the road, traveling from Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine, and zigzagging over all but five US States I blogged a lot. Thinking that the constant shifting of perspectives and world views would stop once I stopped traveling seems silly now. I am still encountering odd people with fascinating views and crazy ideas, only now they come to me. There is a never ending selection of weird events in the bay area and the people who have come to visit me at my home range from dreadlocked anarchist nomads to silicone valley venture capitalists. 

I want to capture not only my journey but the areas of exploration in which I constantly stumble upon new discoveries.







I love narrative. It took me ages to understand “this postmodern thing” with its “distrust of meta-narratives” and its lack of absolute truth and the paradigm of seeing our world in a “conflict of narratives”. 

Much of this blog will be an exploration of different narratives, their origins, their implications, the ways in which they conflict, and the crossroads at which they intersect. 

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