I Am That

Ham Sa

How am I both?
The raging fire
of passion and longing
The quenching torrent
of peace and of rest

I am the storm
that tears the branches
I am the breeze
that tickles the leaves

I am the ocean
that carves out wild caverns
I am the rain drops
that wet autumn sheathes

I am love’s anguish
I am hope’s pain
A world torn asunder
With infinite strain

As light is to darkness
As sun is to moon
Eternally separate
Of ether both hewn

Of ether both hewn
Created in oneness
The sun as our brother
Our sister the moon

I’m slave to the muse
I’m freed by her love
Held hostage by longing
Free soaring in peace

Ham Sa, I am that
Eternally One
Forever existing
in opposites one

I have been
I will be
I am


5 Responses to I Am That

    • gypsika says:

      Thanks! This was my first attempt at poetry and came out of the tension between the despair of my divorce and the awakening to the life of mystic.

      • Sounds like just the kind of tension one would need to start writing poetry – I hope it will help you transform the dispair and expand your awakening.
        Thank you for sharing 🙂

  1. conspiro.net says:

    Just awesome!!!
    You rock!

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