About Me

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I fell away; I fell and fell until my wings opened and I flew and soared to hidden mountain tops and secret heavens. And behold, my Beloved was there to welcome me home.

Born and raised an evangelical Christian in Germany, I joined the Jesus Freak movement as a teenager and became a passionate evangelist and worship leader. I went to the US at age 19 and came back a tattooed and pierced fundamentalist Christian, betrothed to a Christian hippie, or “Chrispie”.

I was a virgin the day we married. Five years later I graduated from bible college with highest honors and post traumatic stress disorder. Both my theology and trauma deepened through life on the road while I crossed the country in a big yellow school bus. For three years I lived as a nomad, playing music and leading bible studies, from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. I learned that Christianity in America encompasses a wide range of beliefs and practices, from Amish groups casting demons out of school buses (spoiler: it didn’t work) to Roman Catholic priests breaking into government buildings (spoiler: it did work). I saw Jesus in the oddest places.

Change came suddenly with an unexpected divorce. In a matter of weeks, I lost my spouse, my ministry, my mission in life, my community, and ultimately my faith. I tried becoming an atheist but didn’t succeed (atheists eventually stop yelling at God, don’t they?). I decided to explore polyamory and fell deeply in love with my freedom and ability to love and be loved. My lifelong dream of community living came true when I founded an intentional community in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the summer solstice of 2012 I took a plunge into the Pacific ocean and began my exploration of Paganism in the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft.

I now spend my days building a new permaculture community in Oregon, studying druidry, and (occasionally) writing about my life. My writings can be found on Patheos at Born Again Witch and on PaganSquare at Cross and Pentacle.


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Beautiful. I so look forward to meeting you! ❤

  2. a friend says:

    Thank you for your inspirational website. I am a retired Christian pastor who has become interested in, and attracted to, Witchcraft and Paganism. So I was delighted to discover your site. Please accept my sincere thanks and compliments.

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